Friday, April 13, 2018

Things Looking Up Downtown

This was a longer form story on residential growth in downtown Houston.  It's where I live.  I've seen the rise in the number of residential properties myself.  I was given a couple of days to put this together.  It helped having a creative photographer/editor who really helped make the piece visually appealing.  I really like the interspersed sounds of the city, including the light rail trains. 

Student Named "Most Likely To Become A Terrorist"

This story sparked the biggest response I've ever gotten on Twitter.  I simply posted a photo of a student's certificate that read "most likely to become a terrorist."  That's right.  What a teacher apparently thought was a funny joke ended up drawing the ire of people around the world.  I think that initial tweet ended up being liked or retweeted 500,000+ times.  We later ended up identifying the teacher (who was fired) and talking with this student and her mother again. 

Out To Sea With NASA

I should always keep Dramamine in my bag.  That's a lesson I learned during this shoot.  But it was still a lot of fun, despite the seasickness.  We were aboard a Coast Guard cutter watching NASA astronauts practice splashdown procedures off Galveston Island.  They did the rehearsals over a 12-hour period on a very humid summer day.  My photographer, Sergio, is a former Navy man.  He got his sea legs a long time ago. 

HPD Chief Takes Me Through Pursuit

You've heard of high-speed chases.  This one was in slow motion.  But Houston Police took their time with a man who was wanted for an assault and possibly armed.  Folks in the newsroom kept saying "why are they letting him go?!" as we watched it play out from our news chopper's vantage point.  We invited the chief of police to the station after the chase in order for him to take us through the video.  We played it back on a big monitor in the studio.  It's a non-traditional way of telling the story. 

Hurricane Harvey

I'm going back an reviewing some stories I've covered since arriving in Houston.  I couldn't leave Hurricane Harvey out.  This live shot is from my coverage on Galveston Island before the storm hit.  Winds were picking up and the rain had started.  Little did we know the punch Harvey would pack.  This is the kind of stories we often end up doing in advance of a storm.  They usually consist of "walk and talks" and just showing what's going on around us.

Urban Chickens

This is a fun story I did last year in a Houston suburb.  It's not where you'd normally find chickens.  But these are brought in on specially-built coops to live with families for short periods of time.  I happened to notice a "Rent-The-Chicken" truck at a gas station and asked about what they did.  That turned into a story.  I even got to hold a bird myself.  This segment was taken from a CBSN newscast which featured my story that orginally aired on KHOU 11 News.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Back On My Blog!

This is my first post since coming to Houston!  I may go back and include some past stories I've done since I've been here (including Harvey and Super Bowl LI coverage).  I thought this story was worth posting because it illustrates what can be done with limited resources.  It's about Dreamers looking to rekindle interest in their fight for full citizenship.  Dreamers are undocumented immigrants who came to this country with their parents as children.  My photographer, Nathan, and I only had an interview set up.  Thankfully, students had lighted signs assembled before we arrived.  Some creative shooting and a compelling interview turned into a good story.