Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Anita 'Ring My Bell' Ward On Life After One Big Hit

Anita 'Ring My Bell' Ward talks about life after one big hit

People who know me well know my dream as a child was to be the next Casey Kasem.  I love popular music, including disco.  I also like the stories behind the hits.  I saw a blurb in the newspaper about Anita Ward (regarding her participation in a new documentary) and set out to find her myself.  Her hit, "Ring My Bell," topped a dozen charts in 1979.  Turns out, she now works at a Memphis JCPenney.  She still performs as well.  She welcomed us into her home to talk about hitting it big, but never again.  Ward embraces her "one hit wonder" status and was a very nice, down-to-earth lady.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Tigers Fan Becomes Social Media Sensation

'Air guitar' playing Tigers fan becomes social media sensation

Walker Laury's air guitar performance during the Memphis Tigers versus Cincinnati game was all over social media way before the game even ended.  Radio and television news outlets were in touch with him the next day.  I tweeted him, hoping he would reply.  It worked.  We met at his fraternity house.  He and his brothers were watching a competitor's story on the 5:00 news when we arrived.  He seemed to get a big kick out of all of the attention.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Family Suing Durham School Services Over Child's Injury

Bartlett family suing Durham School Services over child's injury

The lawyer for a family suing Durham School Services over a child's injury emailed me about the litigation.  He knew the station had covered many incidents involving Durham.  The suit claims the bus's early departure from a stop resulted in the child riding his bike to school.  He was struck by a truck en route.  The child was unavailable for an interview.  However, his mother did agree to talk about the case.  Coincidentally, she works at LeBonheur Children's Hospital.  She was there when he was brought in.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Visiting Team's Bus Burglarized In Memphis

Visiting team bus burglarized at Rhodes College

A soccer team from The University of the Ozarks came to Memphis to take on Rhodes College.  They tied.  But a return to their bus revealed that a crook had also been busy during the game.  He ransacked the bus and stole personal items, electronics, and computers.  MPD released surveillance video of the suspect, which got our attention.  Unfortunately, the police report was not yet available.  But I really wanted to interview some of the teammates who were victims.  I looked at the team's roster online and then cross-referenced on Twitter.  One of the player's quickly replied.  I Facetimed with him and a teammate about the crime.

Monday, September 21, 2015

"Dumb Criminal's" Facebook Post Leads To Arrest

Man taunts SCSO on social media, winds up behind bars

Dumb criminal stories are staples of local TV news.  We were tipped off to this one by the Shelby County Sheriff's Office.  They posted mug-shots of 50 or so domestic violence suspects who were still wanted.  One of them saw his photo on the sheriff's office Facebook page and decided to comment.  He taunted deputies to come get him in North Carolina.  So they did.  I tried to speak with the fugitive's family in Memphis.  His father only cracked the door.  His mother blamed her son's issues on PTSD from his time in the military.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

WMC Legend Dave Brown's Last Day

Behind the scenes: Dave Brown's last day at WMC Action News 5

This story was a little intimidating.  How do you encapsulate a local legend's last day?  I gave it a shot.  WMC chief meteorologist Dave Brown called it quits after a 53-year broadcasting career.  He'd been with WMC since 1977.  Dozens filled the studio as he delivered his final forecast.  Many of us were waiting in the newsroom for a post-show party.  I got a chance to get a last one-on-one interview with Dave as well.  Always the gentlemen.. He repeatedly thanked viewers who sent him hundreds and hundreds of congratulatory letters and emails.