Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tourist Couple Robbed Near Sun Studio

Tourists Robbed Near Sun Studios
This is the type of crime we don't cover very often.  Fortunately, tourists are rarely the victims of violent crimes.  But this was pretty scary.  A husband and wife were beaten and robbed after leaving Sun Studio.  I fund the police report by chance and pulled the paperwork down at 201 Poplar.  I was able to get the wife on the phone after the couple had returned home to Missouri.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Positive story leads the news!

Sequestered Jurors Save Child
I'll admit it.. I cover a LOT of crime.  All Memphis TV stations cover a lot of crime.  There's a lot of crime to cover in Memphis.  But it's nice, once and a while, to cover a positive news story.  This one was pretty incredible.  Two sequestered jurors (a pediatrician and a nurse no less) happened to be entering their hotel when a child nearly drowned in the pool.  They saved the child's life.  I was able to interview all of the main players.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Down in the Delta for disturbing story

Nun attacked in rural North Mississippi home - Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee
I've seen some pretty pathetic looking small towns in my 15 years of covering news.  Cotton Plant, AR ranks up there.. And, now, so does Jonestown, MS.  But at least Jonestown has the help of a group of nuns who moved there many years ago.  One of them was attacked during a home invasion.  Fortunately, the suspect was arrested.  We got his mug shot in the hour before this story aired.. So I had to re-track and get it re-edited at the last minute.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Marathon Shift Reporting Manhunt End

Bain sisters found safe; Adam Mayes dead
This is a link to our coverage Thursday night of the end of the Adam Mayes manhunt.  He was on the lam for 2 weeks with kidnapped sisters.. wanted for killing their mother and older sister.  The nationwide search included dozens of officers in the Alpine, MS area.  That's where things ended when Mayes shot himself in the head after being confronted by cops.  The girls were safe.  I worked a double and my photographer and I were up 24 hours straight.  It was exhilarating.. and reminded me of why I love my job.