Tuesday, April 19, 2016

MPD Officer Accused Of Sex Assault Outside Club

MPD officer relieved of duty, accused of sexual assault

This story was generated by a tip to our assignment editor.  He said something would be coming down regarding a Memphis police officer and a sex investigation.  We still had not heard late in the afternoon.  But then he and I got texts from inside MPD.  I had just gotten done with the 4:00 newscast.  My photographer and I drove downtown to do a live shot for 6:00.  Basically, a woman claimed an officer assaulted her after she left a nightclub.  I convinced the GM of the club to do a quick interview.  Otherwise, there's wasn't much to go on except for limited details from the police department.  I turned this longer piece for 10:00.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

'Worship Watch' Partnering MPD With Churches

'Worship Watch' partners Memphis police with churches

I went to church for this story.. Literally.  The Memphis Police Department is partnering with churches to build communication.  MPD officials believe clergy and congregations have a direct connection with communities and can be a tool to fight crime.  Many churches also welcome stronger relationships with officers.  The idea started in the Frayser area at the Old Allen Station police precinct.  Precincts around the city are now reaching out to other churches.  It's nice doing a story about possible crime solutions rather than just random crime that we cover so often.