Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Possible Plan to Revive Peabody Place

Wharton shares new idea for shuttered Peabody Place Mall

Peabody Place Mall was among the reasons I moved downtown when I came to Memphis.  I saw movies there, shopped, ate.. But then it slowly died.  It's hard to believe the center, built in 2001, lasted barely a decade.  I got wind of a new idea from the mayor.  I emailed his media folks but decided to pay a personal visit to city hall (mainly because I'm very impatient).  Fortunately, the mayor was more than willing to discuss this potential plan to revive Peabody Place.

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Victory for Same-Sex Marriage in Tennessee

Federal judge orders Tenn. to recognize 3 same-sex marriages

A federal judge issued a temporary injunction Friday while 3 TN couples fight a legal battle over same-sex marriage.  We got word of the decision late in the day and discovered one of the couples live in Memphis.  We found an address but it was old.  Fortunately, the people who live at the house know the couple and contacted them for me.  I kind of stalked them for an hour or so but finally got the interviews that made this story.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

MIssing Toddler POSSIBLY Spotted in Memphis

MPD confirms reported sighting of missing 2-year-old

My photographer and I had nearly made it to a school rezoning meeting when we were rescued by breaking news.  We got word that a toddler missing from Mississippi MAY have been spotted at a Memphis motel.  Local police and the FBI were on scene when we arrived and, fortunately, we got some people to talk.  Investigators were tight-lipped since this was merely another possible lead.