Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another 15 Year-Old Shot Outside a Memphis Church

Teen shot, killed while riding bike
This may have been the biggest crowd I've ever seen watching a police investigation begin.  Police say a 15 year-old boy was shot multiple times while riding his bicycle.  A woman was arrested.  This happened in Orange Mound.. A tight-knit community where one witness said everyone is "like family."  Unlike the shooting of a 15 year-old last week, this young man didn't make it.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Murder of Another Suburban Wife Seemingly Solved

Germantown Man Accused Of Killing Wife Appears In Court
I know there are cases of domestic murder within the city of Memphis.  But cases over the last few years that have gotten the most publicity are the murders of suburban wives.  Two of them have been teachers.. Including this most recent case involving a teacher who lived in Germantown and taught in Frayser.  They're the cases the media can't get enough of.. The ones that become episodes of crime shows on cable TV.  Perhaps it's because nothing bad is supposed to happen in these areas.. Or that seemingly perfect marriages aren't supposed to end this way.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another Officer-Involved Shooting in Memphis

Memphis Police Kill Man After Being Struck By His Car
I was dispatched from a city council budget meeting to cover another officer-involved shooting.  Cops killed a man who they say struck them with his car.  Hundreds of people from the surrounding neighborhood came out to watch the investigation unfold.  Many questioned how police handled the situation.  It's a touchy subject given the number of these types of shootings in recent months.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Memphis Runs for Boston

"Run For Boston" Held In Memphis
A hastily arranged benefit run for the Boston bombing victims drew a large crowd in Memphis Friday evening.  Organizers were not sure what to expect.. But had an idea the Bluff City would come through.  I got a chance to speak with several local runners who competed in the Boston Marathon and felt the need to show up for this event just days later.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Always Worth a Knock

Kroger Shooting Suspect Turned In By Older Brother
I couldn't even estimate how many doors I've knocked on over the years.  It's an often fruitless step in covering a story.  But you never know who might answer.. Sometimes a suspect themselves.  In this case, a family member opened the door and was more than willing to explain why he told police where his brother was hiding minutes after a shooting outside a Kroger store.  Instant story.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

National Story With Local Ties

Ricin Letter Sent To U.S. Senator Roger Wicker Postmarked Memphis,TN
I've long made jokes about big stories always coming back to Memphis.  This story, regarding a ricin-laced letter sent to a US Senator, was no exception.  Sen. Roger Wicker of MS was the intended target.  Officials say the letter was postmarked Memphis.  I was working a couple of unrelated stories when I got the call to pursue this one.  Fortunately, NBC shot the mail facility in DC and Wicker's office.  I got a phone interview with US Rep. Steve Cohen of Memphis (after he responded to a direct message on Twitter).

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Low for Live Shot

Car Part Thieves Strike While Victims Are At Work
This live shot got a lot of attention.. But it really wasn't a stroke of genius or anything.  In fact, we had planned to just be live in the station parking lot.  I decided to get on the ground, under a car, at about 9 minutes until show time.  I used a sun shield to protect my suit.  Just a way to spice up a live shot.. Many of which are pretty boring.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Old Video = New Story

Archival video released of James Earl Ray's arrest
The Shelby County Register's Office (which runs the archives) released never-before-seen video of MLK's killer, James Earl Ray.  The sheriff's office purchased brand new cameras in 1968 to document his arrest.  Many of the tapes had been in storage, until now.  Doing a story on it was a great assignment for a History buff.  I happened to know where Ray's cell was located in the old jail.  That's where we went live.  The release of the video comes during the same week as the 45th anniversary of MLK's assassination.