Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Big Bucks For Interstate Interchange Completion

TDOT awards most expensive contract ever for Memphis interchange
I hate traveling the north loop to I-40 east in Memphis simply because there's a one-lane entrance ramp.  It backs up all the time.. And gets even worse during rush hour.  The interchange at 40/240 will finally be finished thanks to the biggest contract ever let by TDOT.  Coincidentally, the TDOT commissioner happened to be in Memphis on the day this was announced.  He should have held a news conference.  But I got him anyway.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Will "No Gang Zone" Work?

New plan in place for fighting gang violence
I've covered dozens of news conferences over the years during which police board up drug houses and talk about how it's going to clean up the neighborhood.  It usually doesn't work.  But this time a nuisance action was filed against an individual gang that has been the scourge of one Memphis neighborhood.  It's the first such action ever taken in Shelby County.  It sounds good in theory.  I hope for law abiding neighbors that it works.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Hoarder" Talks About Pile Of Stuff

City orders wife to clean up yard after 'hoarder' dies of heart attack
I fully expected to only talk with neighbors when we drove across the river for this story.  It concerned a "hoarder" recently ordered by the city of West Memphis to clean up her property.  Fortunately, she was sitting in the front yard and was more than welcoming.  Anyone who watches those hoarding shows knows people come up with all kinds of excuses to explain their "collections."  This nice lady blamed her deceased husband.  I hope someone will step up to help her.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Family Of Cousins Killed In Wrong-Way Crash On New Mission

Alcohol to blame in fatal wrong-way crash
I originally covered a fatal wrong-way crash along I-240 back in June.  I reached out to the family of 2 cousins killed, but they were not ready to speak.  They contacted the station nearly 2 months later and wanted to share their story.  They had learned the wrong-way driver was drunk when the crash occurred.  They want to keep others from following suit.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Crooks Leave Downtown Vehicles Up On Blocks

Rash of Wheel Thefts Reported in Downtown Memphis
I noticed an SUV up on blocks when I walked out of my building this weekend.  I figured an unfortunate neighbor was the victim of a random crime.  I later discovered a number of other drivers in the downtown area found their vehicles without wheels as well.  They included the delivery driver of the popular "Bardog Tavern."  The vehicles had yet to be fixed when we shot this story on Labor Day, so we ended up with good video.