Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Midtown Man Thwarts Robbery With Karate

Robber has tables turned when victim has karate black belt

This story came courtesy of my colleague, Kontji Anthony.  She said the guy who makes sandwiches at Kwik Chek had a big injury on his temple.  He told her he was robbed at gunpoint after work near the popular Overton Square entertainment district.  I asked her to call and see if he'd talk about it.  He agreed to meet me.  Turns out, he thwarted the robbery with his Karate moves.  I got him to demonstrate exactly what he did on me.. Without causing me serious injury, of course.  He had yet to file a police report when we spoke.  But an MPD officer happened to pull up after our interview and he did so.    

Friday, March 4, 2016

African-American Newspaper Snubbed By Trump?

Tri-State Defender denied access to Trump rally in Millington

Dozens of media outlets covered Donald Trump in Millington, TN last weekend.  The African-American oriented Tri-State Defender, based in Memphis, was not among them.  Publisher Bernal Smith told me they applied twice for credentials in the week before the event.  However, they never heard from the Trump campaign.  A white power-promoting talk show host got in.  He even posted a photo on his blog of him holding his credential.  Smith said it's hard to believe the paper's exclusion was unintentional.  The Trump campaign never responded to my email.. But told another media outlet that all credential requests were answered.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

No Monorail In Mud Island Park Re-Do Plan

Progress continues in plans to renovate Mud Island River Park

I love Mud Island River Park just the way it is.  Completed in 1982, the park features a scale-model replica of the Mississippi River, river museum, and amphitheater.  But its monorail may be the park's most recognizable feature.  It's a gondola-style monorail and set the scene for a famous chase in "The Firm."  Right now, the Riverfront Development Corporation is looking for a company that can take over management of the park.  One of two finalists for the job would scrap the monorail and turn the pedestrian bridge above it into a High Line (NYC) style walkway.  We'll see how it all comes together.  But I think scrapping the monorail is a mistake.