Friday, August 22, 2014

Crooks Hammer Through Wall of New Business

Crooks hammer through concrete store wall, steal cigarettes

This story was generated by a news release from Memphis Police.  It included surveillance video of crooks who hammered through the wall of a Fox Meadows neighborhood business.  It was actually a "plan B" for me, at first.  The kid made the difference.  He and his sister were very articulate and made for TV.  Besides, the "plan A" interviewee never called me back.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Driver Found Alive After Truck Pulled From Lake

Driver alive after car found in lake

I already had my main story written and edited when we got word of a search and rescue in a Mississippi lake.  My photographer and I hit the road, got to the location, and soon learned the man was at a friend's house nearby.  It had appeared he was a goner.  Crews went through a lot of effort thanks to his apparent carelessness on the road.  Meanwhile, we had to find a better cell service spot in order to do the live shot.. Since we were using a "back pack."  That also explains the slight delay after the anchor tosses to me.

"Neck Brace Bandit" Caught After This Story Airs

Suspect wearing neck brace accused of robbing ATM customers

I usually pull police reports to find victims of crime.  This one contacted us in hopes of catching the man who terrorized him at an ATM.  The suspect actually wore a neck brace.  I knew it was a matter of time before someone identified him.  I got an email within minutes after the story aired from someone who knew him.  Police had the suspect in custody the next morning.  Meanwhile, I called no less than four health equipment businesses trying to find a neck brace I could use in a stand-up.  I finally found one willing to play.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Olive Branch Officers Honored For Rescue

Olive Branch officers honored for rescue

Sometimes I do the soft stuff too.  In fact, stories like this are rather enjoyable.  I was searching for something to do for the 10:00 show after covering an unrelated story for early newscasts.  I wasn't too excited when I saw this suggestion.. Until I got there and interviewed these two officers.  They are dedicated to their jobs and to service.  Their reactions to receiving awards of valor made for a great story.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Student Drugged On Beale.. Then Robbed, Beaten

Student drugged, robbed, beaten after 'pink drink' on Beale

Memphis Police released details of this crime in hopes of catching the suspects.  I immediately thought we needed to get the victim.  I made one of my regular trips to Central Records and pulled the report.  Fortunately, the 18 year-old college student agreed to do an interview.  He came to Memphis on a fraternity rush trip.  But it's not the fun he'll always remember.