Thursday, January 21, 2016

Doorbell Cam Catches Package Thief

Package thief caught on hidden doorbell cam

This was the latest story generated by The website and app used by neighborhoods for alerts and such.  Our 10:00 producer saw that someone caught a package thief on a home surveillance camera.  But the camera was a new one we'd never seen before.  It's hidden in a doorbell and acts as a motion sensor, camera, and speakerphone.  I did some digging to try and find the victim and was able to get his number.  He agreed to discuss the crime and share more of his video.  He even used the camera when I came to the door.  I used that clip in this story.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

AMVETS Worker Charged With Stealing From Charity

Man caught stealing donations from veterans

This story was the result of a Shelby County Sheriff's Office news release.  It even included a photo of the alleged crime taking place.  I've been anchoring the 4:00 news.. So, it's nice to have a ready-made story when I'm done.  This one concerns an AMVETS charity truck driver accused of stealing from the load of donations he was hauling.  Investigators snapped a pic of him allegedly selling some of the goods to a woman in a random parking lot.  It was pretty easy getting people to react to the crime.  My first few interviews happened to be with veterans or those with veterans in their families.