Sunday, March 31, 2013

KKK Came And Went

MPD successful in keeping KKK rally 'civil'
The KKK had a First Amendment right to rally in downtown Memphis.  Police had a duty to keep it civil.  They did.  In the end, only about 60 stereotypical Klansmen protested the recent renaming of 3 city parks behind a chain-linked fence.  Hundreds of cops kept the rally from devolving into a free for all like a similar rally in 1998.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Doggie "Discipline" Or Abuse?

Only On 5: Dog Owner Speaks About Animal Cruelty Caught On Camera
This is a good example of how you advance a story that's already been done by another station.  A YouTube video showing a dog owner striking his animal led to cruelty charges.  The woman who shot the video spoke with another station.. But they didn't get the dog owner.  I did.  He spoke exclusively to me about how it was merely "discipline." You be the judge.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Stories That Touch A Nerve

Only On 5: Disabled Police Retiree Speaks About Removal From Bar
And to think I almost dismissed this story thinking Facebook posts were exaggerated.  But alas.. A disabled police retiree had, in fact, been thrown out of a bar and injured by bouncers.  An intern happened to know one of the former cop's friends.  We found his address and snagged an exclusive.  I had to calm my photographer down when we got to the bar.  She was ready to pounce.  But we were there to simply get their side.. Which they were unwilling to share.  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Love It When Things Fall Into Place

Neighbors Help Solve String Of East Memphis Car Burglaries
I was in the 5:00 show with a story about wine sales in grocery stores.  I then needed a 10:00 story.  Fortunately, I thought ahead and pulled a police report regarding a car burglary suspect who'd been terrorizing an East Memphis neighborhood.  We drove out to the neighborhood without making prior contact.  It's a gated neighborhood.. But people could not have been nicer.  It really helped the story come together.