Friday, June 20, 2014

4 Robberies, 4 Nights Along Madison Avenue

Armed robbers hit stretch of Midtown on Madison Avenue

I search Memphis Police reports daily and noticed a robbery trend along one stretch of Madison Avenue.  There were 4 robberies in a 4 night period.  All of the crimes happened within a few blocks.  2 of them happened outside a popular bar.  Fortunately, one of the victims agreed to speak with us.  She was still shaken.  An added bonus was when the bar let us have surveillance video of the actual crime.  We often gets criticized for exploiting crime.. But I also see stories like this as a way to publicize crimes that need to end.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Germantown School Name Game

Germantown officials propose name change for schools

I was hoping, as always, to find a story at a meeting of the Shelby County Schools board.  Fortunately, a non-agenda item gave me one.  Germantown city leaders had sent a proposal to the superintendent concerning usage of park facilities in exchange for the renaming of 3 Germantown schools.  You see, although Germantown ES, MS, and HS sit within the city limits.. They will remain with Shelby County Schools and not join the new Germantown Municipal Schools.  The arrangement has sparked quite a bit of controversy.  This issue is the latest.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Henri Brooks Charged For Parking Spot Tiff

Shelby County Commissioner Henri Brooks surrendered at Jail East after an assault warrant was issued.

I spent much of my Thursday evening "stalking" Shelby County Commissioner Henri Brooks after we got wind that she would be arrested on an assault charge.  Known for her occasional antics.. Brooks didn't say a word outside Jail East (where female defendants report).  Interestingly, the home listed as Brooks' address in the warrant and on her election paperwork may not be where she lives.  Not one neighbor with whom I spoke has ever seen her there.  Another story?  We'll see..