Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving "Stuffing"

It's Thanksgiving weekend and that means one thing for local TV news stations.. well, 3 things.  You are sure to see a holiday travel story in the days before Thanksgiving.  There's a good chance one of our Reporters will stake out Memphis International for the day - or perhaps the Greyhound terminal.  There's always the option of getting man-on-the-street interviews at the gas station.  It's as predictable as the holiday itself.  Thanksgiving brings an abundance of opportunities to watch the needy eat their meals at homeless shelters, churches, or elsewhere.  I always feel badly for these people who can't really enjoy being videotaped while they receive a free meal.  Of course, the selfless act of many volunteers is often the focus of these stories.  The day after Thanksgiving is "Black Friday." Morning Reporters across the nation will join bargain hunters in big box store parking lots beginning at some ungodly hour.  Fortunately, I've only been assigned this story once in my career - in Columbus, GA circa 2001.  Sidebars to "Black Friday" include reminding people to hide their treasures in the trunk.  Happy holiday!

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